Learn How To Be An Alpha Male

What if I told you that widening your legs and talking slow make you appear *significantly* more confident? Or that touching your face is a sign universally interpreted as indicating increased anxiety? The traits that define a man who is successful with women can be learned. A talented and observant actor can change from beta to alpha male just by altering some basic physical movements. If they can do it so can anyone else. You can learn how to be an alpha male.\n\nIn this book, a two-pronged approach is taken. First, we’ll look at the internal changes necessary to correcting bad habits – adjustments to ‘mind.’ Then, we’ll analyze the actual physical traits that you should start to use – adjustments to ‘body.’ I’m going to teach you how to be powerful. And the benefits of this extend past getting women; a recent study showed that more than 75% of top executives have alpha male character traits. This is raw, fundamental stuff.\n\nMost alpha male books forward a system that hides who you are. They essentially say that it’s better to act like someone else – which is surprisingly hard to pull off. The true alpha male teaching, and the focus of this book, is, instead, to become comfortable with asserting yourself.